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I have constantly being fascinated by the history of my people and the outstanding contributions of some individuals to change the face of events. As a young African woman, growing up in Africa and being exposed to Black African studies at the University; I got to know some individuals such as Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Kwame Nkrumah, Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X. This  changed my perception about who I am. I immediately fell in love with Africa, its history and these individuals who sacrificed for what I freely enjoy today.
So when I chanced upon, Cry Freedom; a Hollywood movie depicting the life of Steve Biko and his struggle for Black South African freedom in apartheid South Africa, I watched it over and over again. And each time, I found a new me, a new hope for Africa, a new hope for humanity.
I am educated, enjoy my basic human rights and sit on the same drawing table with my fellow human beings, some who once perceived my kind as inferior.  All of this, now is, because there were once some advocates like Steve Biko, who raised the idea of Black consciousness and the fact that we could all live peacefully as one human face.

Looking back, humanity should be grateful for how far we have come, that people of all race can  co-exist in peace and dignity. Tolerance and respect for other people from diverse cultural and religious background must be uphold. What happened years ago; the injustices, discrimination and slavery, must never be allowed to happen ever again.

The younger generation must know their history, about what happened some years ago; so that we could better appreciate and uphold what we have now. The culture of tolerance and respect for other people must be handed down to young people around the world to help cement the respect for the human rights of others.

Below is a poem I wrote in memory of Steve Biko

Across the dark clouds of inhumanity

Appeared the hope of peace

Biko, the resounding voice of freedom

Your vision of a much better world

Brought a fierce shake in the dark clouds of insanity

Though, abruptly were you cut down

The echo of your cry for freedom

Tingles in our ears still

Today, thoughts of you bring smiles on our faces

Because your vision is here!


We all have dreams we are feverishly working towards. Academic degrees we want to attain, projects we want finished, a business idea we want established, the ideal family we want started, and the list goes on and on.

As insatiable beings, we are always on the move to attain at least one thing we deem appropriate in making our lives worthwhile. Personally, there are some five(5) key objectives, I am bent on achieving before I am 25. From attaining high proficiency in French to learning how to drive to going to Law school and  to getting one of my creative works published. Oh yea! I have got my hands full. Yet despite the will in us to achieve, there are thousand and one stumbling blocks that are always acting as heavy loads tied around our feet, preventing us to run the race and get to our destinations.

Sadly enough, the number 1, destractor is our very self.

We act as enemies within and we keep on dragging,  procrastinating and at worse give up entirely on things we can and could have achieve with just an ounce of determination.

There is this one famous quote by Marriane Williamson, “Our deepest Fear”that pricks my soul and conscience, whenever the enemy within me, threatens to overpower me. Since “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure”; I will continue to dream and live my dreams.  I will step out and “make manifest the glory of God that is within” me.

Indeed, “we are all meant to shine, as children do” so even if we have failed, It now time to pick our self up, rub the disappointment from our minds and keep moving forward, even whiless on our knees. And just as, Martin Luther King Jr, commented,

                                           If I can’t fly, I will run,

                                          If I can’t Run, then I will walk,

                                          If I can’t walk, I will crawl,

                                          In whatever I do,

                                          I will keep moving forward.